Fall Clean-Ups at the Weir

Fall Clean-Ups at the Weir

November 15, 2021

Winter is coming, and now is our last chance to run clean-up campaigns before the snow hits. We’ve noticed on our trail counters that some of our busiest sections of the trail, namely along the trails closest to the Weir, are in need of some love and attention before winter hits. Come join us in both keeping our natural areas beautiful, and help us keep plastics from seeping into our native prairie grasslands through the winter months.

The South Saskatchewan River Weir is located off of Spadina Crescent E, immediately north of Duchess Street. See the Riverwalk Boardwalk while we discuss some of the many water supply projects ongoing across the prairies. Talk with our Meewasin team about the management of this part of the trail, take notice of the native trees we’ve planted. The CP Rail Bridge is located just downstream of the weir.

Contact Sam Cowan at 306-477-9180 or scowan@meewasin.com for questions or concerns.

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Spadina Crescent E (South of 33rd Street)
Saskatoon, SK S7K 3H6

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