Invasive Species Management

Meewasin promotes and maintains biodiversity and ecological integrity within the valley with an integrated approach to invasive species management. This approach has seen positive results with significant reduction of invasive species being observed. This includes reduction in provincially-designated noxious weeds of Common Tansy, Leafy Spurge, Absinthe, Baby’s Breath, and Nodding Thistle, to name a few.

Common Tansy Photo by Debbie Nordstrom

Meewasin uses an integrated resource management approach to manage invasive species in the Meewasin Valley. One approach is to mimic natural disturbance through targeted conservation grazing or prescribed fire.

Some of the common invasive species found in the Meewasin Valley and their fact sheets can be found below:

Leafy Spurge, Dames Rocket, Common Tansy and Wild Parsnip.

Ornamental Invasives Poster 2016Plantes ornementales de retour à l’état sauvage

For more information on invasive species in Saskatchewan visit Saskatchewan Invasive Species Council.