<b>Kinsmen Riverfront Trail Closure and Detours</b>

This work is now underway, during which time the primary trail will be closed to the public adjacent to the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan site.

Trail users will be detoured to the bypass along Spadina or through the Shakespeare site trail.

Kinsmen Riverfront Trail & Site Enhancement: Concept Plan 

The ongoing construction includes:

  1. Stairs, ramps and Secondary Trail Enhancements (not impacting the primary trail) – north hatched area
  2. Primary trail adjacent to Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan (with two possible detours for primary trail users – highlighted in orange).

Directions for trail users coming from the south:

  1. Detour option 1 – Use the granular, temporary surface along the east side of Spadina Crescent, returning to the primary trail through the parking lot
  2. Detour option 2 – Use the secondary trail through the Shakespeare site, returning using the secondary trail north of Shakespeare