3 Activities for Earth Day

Earth Day is a wonderful opportunity to teach our kids more about protecting planet Earth.  Teaching your child to sort waste, respect the environment and consume less is a good way to take responsibility for the future of our planet.

To really get the full Earth Day impact, it’s important to have hands-on things for kids to do that will get them interested in the world around them. Hands-on activities also allow kids to learn how important their ability is to impact the future of the earth. That is where these Earth Day activities come in!

Upcycling Crafts

There’s no need to throw away every item. Instead, teach kids how to reuse or upcycle things they would usually dispose of. Can you guess how many different ways there is to make use of a plastic bottle? Rather than throwing out your plastic bottles when finished, use it to make a hanging garden or a birdfeeder!

Hanging Garden

Instead of tossing your plastic bottle into the recycling, why not reuse? Large plastic bottles also make beautiful hanging planters! Check out this DIY video

Birdfeeder from a Bottle

A crowd-pleasing recycling DIY: the two-liter bottle birdfeeder. All you need is a plastic bottle, string, a pencil, and a craft knife and bird seeds.


Wildflower Seed Bombs

Give back to Mother Earth with these easy-to-make seed bombs. Blend together used scraps of construction paper, water and wildflower seeds in a food processor, then form into tiny muffins. Let dry and the toss in the ground! As the seed bombs receive sun and rain, the paper will compost and the seeds will geminate.

Clean Up

There is no better way to celebrate Earth Day, than doing a cleanup with some friends! Every piece of trash that is taken away to be recycled or deposited in a landfill means there is one less dangerous item for wildlife to come in contact with. Every year for the past 41 years, Meewasin has hosted a Clean Up Campaign to encourage the community of Saskatoon to help clean up parks, streets and riverbanks within the Meewasin Valley. This year, the Meewasin Clean Up Campaign Presented by Nutrien will run from April 22nd to May 30th.

In celebration of Earth Day this year, register for do a group clean!


Go for a Walk on the Trail

As the weather continues to be nice, we’ve been seeing lots of families out on the trails. Getting out on the trails and being in nature with your kids will allow them to appreciate and better understand the world around us. Nature provides many lifelong benefit roles across physical and mental health. Demonstrating the importance of conservation to kids at a young age will only help their future. Earth Day this year is forecasted to be a sunny and beautiful day! Consider taking the family out a quiet walk near Cranberry Flatts.