<b>Rural Sites Open for the Season - Paradise, Poplar & Fred Heal</b>

The winter beauty of River Landing South Saskatchewan River Saskatoon Meewasin

Warm weather is in the air, and all of Meewasin’s rural sites and trails are now open.

Meewasin sites that were closed in the snowy season due to access and maintenance of the sites are now reopened. The following areas are now open for the season:

  • Fred Heal Canoe Launch
  • Poplar Bluffs Canoe Launch
  • Paradise Beach
  • Meewasin Trail Section along Wanuskewin Drive

These areas have all seen a significant melt in snow and ice conditions, allowing visitors to use these sites from sunrise to sunset.

  • Strict Closure Times: Meewasin’s rural beach sites, including: Fred Heal Canoe Launch, Paradise Beach (water access and hiking trails only), Poplar Bluffs and Cranberry Flats (washroom will remain closed) are all open from sunrise to sunset.
  • Strong River Current: Water outflows from the South Saskatchewan River can vary throughout the year and can be are extremely high, especially in the spring and early summer, resulting in a very strong current. Please be cautious near the river and do not leave children or pets unattended.
  • Fire Bans: Throughout the year we may experience dry weather conditions which lead to fire bans, this includes all the sandbars in the Meewasin Valley. Adhere to any posted fire bans.

We urge visitors to follow these guidelines and respect the closure times, as we do our best to keep the public safe. It is critical that users follow these guidelines.

To report issues contact the RCMP at:

Paradise Beach & Poplar Bluffs: Warman RCMP 306-310-7267

Fred Heal Canoe Launch and Cranberry Flats: Saskatoon RCMP 306-975-5145