Experience Fall at Beaver Creek Conservation Area

Blue Skies over Meewasin Beaver Creek

Migratory birds, hungry chickadees, and turning leaves make September one of the most magical times to visit Beaver Creek. With a series of four hiking trails to explore by foot, the site offers a number of ways to experience it.

Summer Wildflowers at Meewasin Beaver CreekCurrently, we are saying goodbye to the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds who were banded on site this summer by Ron Jensen and Meewasin staff. At the same time, we’re welcoming back the Sandhill Cranes who pass through as they migrate further south for the winter.

And a special thanks goes to Wild Birds Unlimited who provided feeders in support of our hummingbird banding program this summer!

This is the time of year the Black-capped Chickadees become even more curious as they begin to store seeds for the upcoming winter months. Seeds are handed out at the Interpretive Centre and are available by donation; please don’t bring other seed on site.

Although adorable, the ground squirrels and chipmunks do not need to be fed. This keeps everyone involved safe, particularly those precious little mooches. Trust us. They can handle their own business quite effectively.

What to know before you go

Some COVID-19 precautions are still in effect. Meewasin continues to have a capacity restriction and limited access to facilities at Beaver Creek . This provides a better and safer experience for our visitors and helps us to manage the pressure on this special conservation area.

Beaver Creek runs through the Meewasin Conservation Area

Meewasin requires the use of masks to access the washrooms in our Interpretive Centre. Meewasin works with children under 12 at Beaver Creek as regular visitors to our site and during our school programs. As this age group is not yet eligible for vaccination, masks continue to be an important tool to help us prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Until the children we serve are able to be vaccinated, Meewasin’s team members will wear masks in the Interpretive Centre and any time we are working with children. Members of the public wishing to use our washroom facilities must wear a mask to enter the building.

Thank-you for helping keep our staff and our youngest visitors safe!

Practice Good Stewardship While Adventuring

      • Take a pic, don’t pick! Although tempting to take a memento, a picture lasts longer and doesn’t impact sensitive habitats.
      • Stay on the marked trails. Help protect the plants and wildlife that call this place home.
      • The trails are for hiking only. No dogs or bikes are permitted on site.
      • Pack-it-in and pack-it-out. Please keep litter out of this special place.
      • Pack a water bottle. There is no potable water on site.

Beaver Creek is open from 10 AM to 5 PM, Wednesday through Sunday.

Questions? Contact Beaver Creek at 306-374-2474.