<b> Tree Wrapping for a Dam Good Cause </b>

Beavers are a very important species to the Meewasin Valley, and we recognize and understand that the beavers have a place here in the Valley, as well as their need to take down trees to survive. We recently posted a video all about the importance of beavers!

Research shows that humans also greatly benefit from trees in their environment, which has lead Meewasin and the City of Saskatoon to introduce a lot of trees through the valley as well as in urban areas as canopy for the City. The work put in to planting and caring for these trees raises their value because they’ve been invested in. These trees, as well as trees that are in vulnerable areas (if they were to fall could injure someone on the trail) are the types of trees that need to be protected from beavers.

This fall, Meewasin hosted a volunteer event where participants wrapped trees with mesh wiring to protect them from beavers. We want to once again thank all of the amazing volunteers who joined us at the event and helped set up wrapping around the trees behind the Diefenbaker Centre in the Meewasin Valley.

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