<b>Have You Heard the Buzz About the Air Bee-and-Bees?</b>

Did you know that not all bees live in hives? We know that honeybees live in colonies under a queen’s rule, but there’s other types of bees called solitary bees – and just like their name hints at, they live alone! But they are not a lone species – there are actually over 350 different species of solitary bees that call Saskatchewan home, plus even more worldwide!

All over the world, pollinating species are on the decline due to threats such as habitat loss, invasive species, and climate change; So Meewasin and funding partners including the University of Saskatchewan, are doing something about it.

The U of S College of Education Pedagogies of Place class participated in a project which taught them about place-based learning and stewardship. The class worked with Meewasin to create and set up a ‘bee hotel’ or ‘air bee-and-bee’ at the Northeast Swale. Wild flowers native to our local ecosystem provide essential resources of pollen and nectar for them to survive, which makes the Northeast Swale a wonderful area for them!

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Bee Hotel Project U of S